Why better than the competitors

TitleShield™ provides more extensive monitoring.

Not only does it watch for ownership changes (like the competitor), but it also looks for foreclosure activity, new liens, and tax delinquencies.

TitleShield™ gives its customers immediate access to the ownership history of their property.

TitleShield™ primary competitor makes its customers wait up to three days to see their property history. TitleShield™ customers can access their property history immediately after they subscribe to the service.

TitleShield™ actually deters home title thieves.

The TitleShield™ home security sign will actually deter home title thieves, which prevents TitleShield™ customers from being victimized in the first place. Our competitors can only notify their customers after the fraud has occurred.

TitleShield™ uses blockchain technology to secure its customer’s ownership.

TitleShield™ is a product of Veritable Data Solutions, Inc. which has developed its own blockchain platform. This permission-based blockchain secures the ownership records of TitleShield™ customers on the blockchain so that it cannot easily be tampered with..

TitleShield™ gives its customers access to discounted legal services.

Only TitleShield™ has a network of attorneys who have agreed to provide discounted legal services to its clients. If a TitleShield™ customer becomes a victim of a con artist, TitleShield™ will refer them to an attorney in their area. These attorneys have agreed to give TitleShield™ customers a free consultation, and if the TitleShield™ customer needs to hire the attorney, the attorneys have agreed to provide a contingency fee if possible or to give them at least a 10% discount off their regular rate.

TitleShield™ was created by the leading experts in home title theft and deed fraud.

David Fleck, who is a founder of Veritable Data Solutions and a co-creator of both TitleShield™ and the Veri-Lock™ fraud prevention app for notaries, is one of the leading experts in home title theft and deed fraud. As a lawyer, he has personally battled these con artists in court for two decades. In fact, he may have set a record by recovering one client’s home 18 years after the con artist stole it from him.

Robert S. Broshears is a senior advisor to Mr. Fleck. Mr. Broshears is a retired Supervisory Special Agent form the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Leading up to and during the mortgage industry catastrophe of 2007 and 2008, Mr. Broshears supervised all of the FBI’s real estate fraud investigations nationwide.

Together, Mr. Fleck and Mr. Broshears represent a brain trust that cannot be rivalled in the fight against real estate con artists. They know how these fraudsters think, and they know how to defeat them.