Value Propositions (Why to buy?)

Protect your equity

It as never been easier for con artists to obtain your personal identifying information, impersonate you, and forged important documents like deeds. Home equity is an easy source of funds that fraudsters steal with other people’s identities.

Sleep easily at night

TitleShield™ customers can sleep soundly knowing that we are always watching their title for any evidence of fraud.

High technology protecting you

TitleShield™ uses blockchain technology to secure the records of your homeownership. Nobody else offers this benefit.

Don’t be a victim

With TitleShield™, it’s easy to avoid being victim of home title theft or deed fraud. Few police departments have the expertise to investigate this type of crime, and none have the manpower to prevent it. You need to protect yourself.

Avoid huge legal costs

Although the law is in the side of the a victim of home title theft and deed fraud, lawyers are not cheap, and victims of this crime need lawyers to get title back in their name. Only TitleShield™ has a network of attorneys who are ready to help.