The TitleShield™ Solution

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TitleShield prevents home title theft

Home title thieves want to commit their crime, launder the money they stole, and cover their tracks before anybody discovers what has happened, and they almost always scope out their target homes before they make their move.

TitleShield™ subscribers receive a sophisticated home security sign that we recommend they prominently display in front of their home. With 85 million homeowners in the United States, con artists have plenty of victims to choose from, and when they see our sign, they are motivated to look for an
easier mark.

In addition, we publish a list of our protected homes on our website because we make it as easy as possible for home title thieves to check whether one of their targeted homes is protected by TitleShield™.

The protection provided by TitleShield™ makes it very unlikely that a title thief can complete their crime without being detected, and for this reason, they will avoid our customers’ homes.

TitleShield constantly monitors your home title.

TitleShield™ has access to comprehensive property data covering 99.9% of U.S. households. We monitor our customers’ title records for any changes to ownership, liens and judgments, bankruptcies, foreclosure activity, property tax delinquencies and more. As soon as any of these items appear in the title records of one of the properties we monitor, we notify our customer.

TitleShield provides authoritative guidance

If a customer receives an alert about a change to their title records,TitleShield™ immediately instructs them about the steps they must take. If the customer knows about and approves of the change, no action is necessary. However, if the customer does not know about the change in ownership, new lien or foreclosure activity, then the customer must take action.

TitleShield has a network of attorneys who are available to help.

TitleShield™ has a network of attorney, who understand cases of home title theft. They have agreed to provide a free consultation to advise our customers of the steps they need to take. They have also agreed that, when appropriate, they will represent our customers on a contingency fee basis, which means the client would not have to pay attorney’s fees unless and until they win the case. If the case is not suitable for a contingency fee, then the attorneys have agreed to give a 10% discount to customers of TitleShield™.