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Helping Real Estate owners become Hero’s of their properties.

The following information will help you identify your target customers, understand why this service is important, The solutions available, what plans make the most sense, and how to engage and/or present this to your audience.
Who are my ideal customers?
In most cases, any one with equity: landowners, vacation properties, abandoned buildings, second homes, fighting families, disabled, the elderly and even dead people, yes that’s right dead people.

How Common is home title fraud?
As common as your house potentially burning down; it can happen. Home title fraud is gaining traction as information about people becomes more accessible online though web-based technology. Every day we input pieces of ourselves through a new app, emails, and other tech systems. More and more we hear of a major corporation being hacked with our personal information and we can’t do nothing about it. According to the FBI 9500 cases are investigated a year in their department, this does not include the cases that are not reported or handled by local state and city jurisdictions. Some articles suggest because of advancements in technology a new victim of title fraud occurs every day.
Is there any other solution to prevent Title Fraud?
Unfortunately, at this time the only real deterrent is continuous title monitoring. A person can call or drive to their local recorder’s office every week, but the fastest solution is title shield’s weekly monitoring for just pennies a day.
Why is this so important for my clients?
As mentioned earlier, because of advances in technology Title fraud is becoming easier for con-artist, and cyber criminals to impersonate someone. Now a days anyone can create fake documents using a variety of online tools to edit. These online tools make easier to trick a notary. Technology is so forward; it’s actually making us go backward. The most important tool we all have to combat the possibilities of this crime occurring is title monitoring.

The growing population going into retirement is the baby boomers; they are the prime target for these types of criminal activities.

Can’t a victim simply call the bank to clear this up?
No, the bank will not simply clear this up in the same manner as a fraudulent credit card charge; a victim would have to report it to the police and hire an attorney to sue the bank. This is a financial nightmare that causes havoc on their credit, equity, and legal cost. This can take months if not years to clear. In some cases, constant evictions past due notices.
Why is this crime happening?
It has always existed, but with advancements in online technology, online remote real estate transactions, increase in baby boomers and an increase in home values; it has become easier for criminals to work from home. For the dumbest of criminals, this is easy money! The pool of potential victims has become larger, faster, and more money to obtain in equity. In most cases the County Recorder systems and anything presented to them with a notary stamped is considered valid and in good faith to be recorded. Advancements in technology is aiding these criminals to edit and produce false documents and change mailing addresses. These false documents than give these criminals the ability to change title into their fake name. The last process is to simply sell or refinancing the property. There are other ways these criminals get away with financial crimes; the example above is the most common.
Is Title Shield Insurance?
No, Title shield is an investment! Title shield is the only first line of defense and layer of protection home insurance won’t cover due to its complexity. When this crime happens there is so many parties involved. In most cases, lawsuits are served to the bank, property owner, Title, loan brokerage and real estate office. Therefore, it takes long to recover a home to its rightful owner, creating a financial nightmare and credit burden on the property owner.
Doesn’t Title Insurance protect property owners?
Yes, the challenge is NO ONE carries title insurance after the sale of a property and is not part of an ongoing escrow account with the bank. Title insurance does not prevent this crime from happening or stopping banks from ruining your credit until it is resolved. All property owners exposed, the only first line of defense is title monitoring to stop transactions.
How will my clients receive alerts?
All clients will receive alerts via email, but in the near future we plan to roll out a one of kind text alert system. In the near future a text message system will provide all clients faster response times. Once you have subscribed your client, always advise them to check their email and sign into our portal. The Title Shield portal is user friendly and the only place clients will see the details and/or transaction history on their property. The Title Shield portal is their second step in the process to review transaction details should fraud take progress; this is how together we stop it from happening.
If my client receives an alert on their property, what should they do?
All clients receive a welcome email from David Fleck, ESQ. asking them to log in to our user-friendly portal. The portal is where clients can view everything they need to respond. All clients first call to action is either a text alert or email. The second call to action is to log into our portal and review the transaction history. If they do not recognize the transaction, our portal empowers clients to respond by providing them details of the transaction for all clients to call Title and stop it before it becomes finalized!
What if my client sells their property, does it transfer to the new owner or can I change it to reflect their new property?
All title monitoring services stay with the original account holder and is non-transferrable. Your clients have the one-time ability to change the address to be monitored.; this only applies to clients with advanced and premium plans.
Does my client have the ability to have multiple people monitor their property?
Yes, we highly recommend this option available to only advanced and premium plans. Send in a request to Please include the original account holders name and email and the additional emails you want to add on a property to receive alerts.
What sets us apart and how does that help my client?
Title Shield is the only real estate attorney-based monitoring system in America. Our president David Fleck ESQ. is a consultant to his associates, and experts in the industry.
• A Former 20-year Real Estate Fraud Prosecutor for Los Angeles County
• A Teacher at the California Detectives Training agency,
• A Co-Chairman of the Mortgage Fraud Taskforce of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigations.
• A Legal Expert for Home Title Lock
• A guest speaker at the Mortgage Bankers Association and Public Records Industry Association.

With all the credentials Title Shield has built a fast, state of the art title monitoring system focusing on stopping real estate fraud before it happens. If the fraudulent loan closes and gets recorded, it’s too late. The Standard monitoring system is on a monthly schedule, Title Shield is the only company to provide its clients weekly title monitoring in a 15-45 loan closing environment.

Do I have a code for value discounts?
Yes, all affiliates are appointed a unique Identifier code, QR Code, and email/website Affiliate Badges. Our system is designed for affiliates and their clients to win. If your client goes online without an authorized affiliate code, they will pay the standard price. Your code gives your client access to a 10%-15% discounts to be utilized at your discretion. Please review the Affiliate Tab to review all codes assigned to your account and Sales Tools/Pricing Plans to review commission rates.
What if my client has multiple properties?
Always ask your client if they have multiple properties. This will help you protect your client and maximize income opportunities. It’s our experience clients who want to protect multiple properties will tend to purchase 1 lifetime plan to maximize Title shields full benefits and savings. On their remaining inventory clients tend to choose annual plans on their remaining inventory. Another great question is to ask your client, is if they plan to sell any of their properties within the next year to determine the best plan per address.

Discount codes are offered at will. Some agents have experienced great results offering their clients a flat 10% discount on their first property before moving onto better rates. Offering a 10% first ensures the new client is committed to add more properties first before receiving greater saving on their remaining inventory. Our agent’s experience is to jot down as many properties as you can and enter that information with our support team, so you have the opportunity of protecting one property fast. Let your client know after signing up, they will need to log back into their portal to review all their addresses and initiate the purchase with 15% off codes; for max results, walk them through that process.

Title Shield offers 20% discounts only for customers with 20 or more properties. Please contact for authorization.

How will my client review their title report after sign up ?
Once you have signed up your client, they will receive a welcome email asking them to log into our portal. It is imperative that you advise your client to create a log in to review all transaction history on their property for any suspicious activity. In our user-friendly portal is where all clients title reports, transaction history is found. The portal also contains news articles, ability to add more properties and other great tools.
Can my client cancel a plan?
All plans are non-refundable due to title report submissions; to include efforts needed to onboard property monitoring with networks, and local county recorder offices. All clients have an option to cancel Auto-renewals within their portal when they sign in.
Is there something I can share to show the importance and value to my clients?
Yes, all videos can be found in your portal under Social Sharing and found on our main website at the bottom under NEWS:
What if I send to print your mailers, distribute them and a client calls to sign up, do I receive the credit?
Yes, our support team is here to help, all client calls are asked the same question “How did you find us” and if “they have a value discount code” Our support team is here to protect your clients, and reward your efforts.
For pennies a day you can help these real estate owners add a layer of protection their homeowner’s insurance does not cover. It is a GAP in exposure that cost a lot of money to solve. People will monitor their credit, stocks, but never their title, and criminals love it. This is a real issue with no other solution besides monitoring so people need your help on how to protect their inheritances, livelihood, investments, retirement, and finances for pennies a day.
Let’s make them Hero’s!
What plan should I offer my clients for protection
Depending on the customer, the average person stays in their home around 8-10 years. Most long-term cash flowing real estate investors and retirees will typically hold onto their properties for a long time.

a. Annual Plans

We encourage all Title Shield authorized agents to always give their customers the best bang for their dollars by offering the annual plan. It comes with a Free month, title report, a great price and features. This also allows your customer portal to build with long term clients rather than month to month. In any business, a month to month plan model can be temporary as customers will tend to jump ship due to revolving credit card charges, regardless of value in service Always best to shoot for an annual commitment for optimal retention.

b. Life-Time

The Title Shield Lifetime subscription is one of a kind and unmatched by any competitor. Most companies will only extend this type of monitoring for about four years creating ongoing cost to customers. The Title Shield is a one time payment for life with features the annual plan and Monthly do not come with. Review of Legal Documents, Counsel with David Fleck, a Non-Fungible Token on your Deed, A transfer of property and more.

Quick Pitch

Are you currently monitoring your title every week with the county recorder’s office to ensure you have no fraudulent transactions on your title?

Home title fraud is gaining traction as information about people becomes more accessible online. Unfortunately, most property insurance companies do not cover title fraud; the only solution is monitoring. This crime can become a legal financial nightmare.

I can save you time, by automatically monitoring your title weekly and protected today for only pennies a day. Can I also get you a free title report, one month for free, with my discount code saving you 10%.

The annual plan cost $169 online but with my discount it is only $149 for the year. And the life time online cost $899 but with my discount code it only cost $799 (review the benefits in each plan in case of questions).

What plan works best Annual, or Life Time? (if you’re on a phone with your customer, send them your Discount Code link).

I just sent you a link via text and email, did you receive it?

Great, this is a great security investment on your property.

Thank you for trusting in our services and look out for an email to access your title report. Our response team is as fast as the criminals so every week you will receive a title report notification.

Have a great day.